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Dear friends of music and art,

On January 18th, 2020 the musical and artistic prelude into 2020 took place with the exhibition of “A Song of Dreams” by Natalia Simonenko and the concert of pianist Georgy Voylochnikov. This event was entirely devoted to Russian culture, because not only were both artists originally from Russia – the musical program was also represented solely by Russian composers and, while the impressionistic style of painting is strongly reminiscent of works by Monet, at the same time it also emphasizes it’s closeness to Russian realism.

Photo: Johannes Paqué

Georgy Voylochnikov immediately convinced the audience with his first solo performance in the Musikstudio of his high musical level. Last but not least, this was thanks to the fabulously beautiful interpretations of the compositions by Sergey Rachmaninov, who, incidentally, was heard for the first time in the Musikstudio! On the Pleyel grand piano from 1937 the pianist interpreted the thoughtful-melancholic mood up to the extreme emotional ups and downs wonderfully with the highest technical and musical skill that these works require. From pianissimo to fortissimo the dynamics of the instrument were fully exhausted while the listeners were tempted to immerse themselves in the imagery of Natalia Simonenko and thus had the opportunity to feel a breath of the dreamy Russian soul. This impression continued in the works of Tchaikovsky, Medtner and Scriabin. Georgy Voylochnikov ended the concert with an unusual piece that roused the audience from their reverie. With the unorthodox Humoresque by contemporary composer Rodion Shchedrin, the concert came to a happy end and prepared the audience for the opening speech to the vernissage.

Natalia Simonenko and Johannes Paqué

After a short refreshment with sparkling wine, baguette and Russian caviar, it was now time for the official opening of the exhibition, which was initiated by Johannes Paqué.
Natalia Simonenko, who comes from Saint Petersburg, has been enthusiastic about art already at an early age and attended several art schools since her youth. She graduated in 1999 from the renowned art academy I. E. Repin, which is also located in Saint Petersburg. In 2001 her first exhibition took place in Germany and her marriage to a German in 2011 finally sealed the move to her new home in Stuttgart. Since then she has commuted frequently between the two cities and has celebrated numerous vernissages in Russia, Germany and other European countries as well as in the USA.
Natalia Simonenko’s choice of subject is not limited to landscape paintings and still lifes. Her portfolio also includes classic portraits and paintings of ballet dancers and clowns. The focus of her painting is not the photographic transfer of what is to be shown onto the canvas, but the emotional world that connects the artist with the motifs. Given some of the motifs that have surely been used in the art world, such as landscape painting, her art could easily be exposed to the danger of superficiality. But it is precisely through her intimate relationship with the individual motifs that the artist repeatedly succeeds in giving the pure impressions of the motifs a human context that goes beyond what is actually depicted. In this way, Natalia Simonenko shows a courage to beauty without slipping into kitsch. This is not only due to the artistic motivation, but of course also to the strict craft that the artist learned in Russia. As randomly as the objects in the pictures seem to be selected and located, the paintings are subject to a strict compositional perception. Of course, technique also plays a major role here, such as the Sfumato, with which the artist blurs the contours in the background of her works and thus creates a stronger impression of depth of perspective. In addition, there is the classic style of painting in several layers, which is the basis of the oil painting that the artist makes use of, and which further enhances the impression of perspective depth.
The result of her work are paintings that radiate inner peace and give the viewer a little break from everyday life by taking him or her on a journey through the eyes of the artist.

A wonderful start to 2020! Of course, we would also like to thank the numerous and very interested audience again that went to the Musikstudio on this rainy day to escape the winter with the spring-like pictures!

Video about the exhibition (in German)


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Dear friends of music and art,

It is still winter, but together with the artist Natalia Simonenko we decided to conjure up the spring! With “A Song of Dreams” she has put together an exhibition that will set us in tune with the awakening of nature in a dreamy fantasy!

The pictures in this exhibition summarize beautiful landscapes of cities and countries around Europe. The magazine Artprofil (published June 2019) describes Natalia Simonenko’s art as “representational but not naturalistic – this is exactly how one can describe their art: it is the light and the harmony as well as the relation of the dynamic color choice to each other – together with a timeless freshness their works oppose the cosmos of impermanence Impressionist, directly formulating plein-air painting combines, fragrant and light, recognizable scenes from overall landscape considerations with the realistic ability of understanding the overall context. “

Georgy Voylochnikov, who already appeared in the Musikstudio together with Sara DeAscaniis in 2019 and who left an enthusiastic audience behind, takes the musical lead. This time, however, he is solo with – to match the exhibition – Russian music.

Look forward to a spring exhibition that will make you forget the cold days of winter!

Saturday, January 18, 2019

Musikstudio & Galerie: Gabriele Paqué
Blücherstraße 14

53115 Bonn

Gallery open from 3 pm

The artist will be present

3:30 pm: classical concert

with Georgy Voylochnikov. Admission free – donation requested!
Further information about the concert can be found below.

Interview with the artist.
at 5 pm

The artist will be present!

Works of the exhibition


Pyotr Tschaikowski (1840-1893)
From the seasons. No. 1, January

Sergey Rachmaninov (1873-1943)
Prelude in F sharp minor op. 23 no. 1
Prelude in B minor op. 32 no. 2
Lilacs op. 21 no. 5

Alexander Scriabin (1871-1915)
6 Preludes op. 13
Waltz in A flat major op. 38

Sergey Rachmaninov (1873-1943)
Etude-tableau in E flat minor op. 39 no. 5

Nikolai Medtner (1880-1951)
Primavera in B major Op. 39 No. 3

Alexander Scriabin (1871-1915)
Etude in C sharp minor op. 2
5 preludes op. 74

Rodion Shchedrin (*1932)

The admission is free!
A donation for the musicians will be requested.

Natalia Simonenko

Natalia Simonenko was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. After graduating from the St. Petersburg Central Youth Art School in 1985, she graduated from the Pedagogical Institute of Graphic Arts F. Gertsen in 1992 and received her Diploma at the Art Academy I.E. Repin. In 2001 she was accepted into the Association of Russian Artists.
Her solo exhibitions, 2002 in the Russian House in Berlin, took her to Germany. Since her marriage in 2011, she now commutes between St. Petersburg and the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart.


  • 1985 Graduation of the central youth school of arts of the St. Petersburg region
  • 1992 Graduation of the institute for graphics arts F. Gertsen, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 1999 Graduation from the I.E Repin State Academic Institute of Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2001 Admission to the Association of Russian Artists


  • 2020 Solo exhibition Galerie Paqué, Bonn
  • 2020 Participation Neue ArT, Dresden
  • 2019 Participation ARTS19, Paris
  • 2019 Participation altonale Kunstherbst, Hamburg
  • 2019 Participation in “Art builds bridges”, Městská gallery, Carlsbad / CZ
  • 2019 Solo exhibition Competence Center Forst
  • 2019 Participation in the ART Endingen
  • 2019 Exhibition with R. Vallendor and G. Bordich in the castle Bruchsal
  • 2019 Solo exhibition in the fruit box of the Maulbronn Monastery
  • 2019 Participation in art3f Luxembourg
  • 2019 Solo exhibition in the gallery Dagmar Reimus, Essen
  • 2019 Participation in the Neue ArT Dresden
  • 2018 Exhibition with Nicolai Lagoida in the Hegau-Bodensee-Galerie, Singen
  • 2018 Participation in the arte bininngen (Basel), Switzerland
  • 2018 Exhibition in Europa-Haus Klagenfurt, Austria
  • 2018 Exhibition with Tatyana Reshetkinova in the Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg
  • 2018 Exhibition with Aurelie Staiger at Café Künstlerbund, Stuttgart
  • 2018 Solo exhibition Galerie Art & Antik, Stuttgart
  • 2018 Participation NDK and exhibition in the Auengalerie, Leipzig
  • 2018 Participation Kunsttage Waldbronn
  • 2018 Participation in the ART Endingen
  • 2018 Gallery Wendelinskapelle, Marbach
  • 2018 Solo exhibition Gohliser Schlösschen Leipzig
  • 2018 Château de la Chaussée, Brains sur Allonnes (Loire)
  • 2018 Participation Exhibition “Begegnungen”, Leipzig
  • 2018 Solo exhibition Hotel Maritim Stuttgart
  • 2018 Participation Anniversary exhibition of the MKG Munich
  • 2018 Participation in the art3f Paris
  • 2018 Participation in the Neue ArT Dresden
  • 2017 Participation in the arte bininngen (Basel), Switzerland
  • 2017 Solo exhibition in the Financial and State Labor Court Stuttgart
  • 2017 Participation Exhibition in the Auengalerie, Leipzig-Lützschena
  • 2017 Participation in the ART Endingen
  • 2017 Solo exhibition in the Acura-Klinik, Baden-Baden
  • 2017 Exhibition with G. Bordich in the “Old Steam Bath”, Baden-Baden
  • 2017 Solo exhibition in the Wine Salon Kern, Kernen
  • 2017 Participation in the ARTe Sindelfingen
  • 2016 Solo exhibition at the Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg
  • 2016 Participation Exhibition in the Auengalerie, Leipzig-Lützschena
  • 2016 Exhibition at Kunsttreff Quiddezentrum, Munich
  • 2016 Exhibition Gallery Kass, Innsbruck
  • 2016 Solo exhibition in the AMORC Kulturforum, Baden-Baden
  • 2016 Solo exhibition in Lauenstein Castle, Altenberg
  • 2016 Participation in the ART Innsbruck, Austria
  • 2015 Solo exhibition in the gallery Taikinu, Fellbach
  • 2015 Solo exhibition in the gallery Dagmar Reimus, Essen
  • 2015 Joint exhibition in Zuckerbergschloss, Kappelrodeck
  • 2015 Solo show José Carreras Haus, University Hospital, Leipzig
  • 2015 Solo show Mädlervilla, Leipzig
  • 2015 Solo exhibition in the Old Steam Bath, Baden-Baden
  • 2014 Solo exhibition in the east-west forum, Gut Gödelitz e.V.
  • 2014 Solo exhibition in Altranstädt Castle, Markranstädt
  • 2014 Solo exhibition at mdr Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, Leipzig
  • 2013 Double exhibition in the gallery Brandmatt, Baden-Baden
  • 2013 Solo exhibition at Altenhain Castle, Trebsen
  • 2013 Solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Baden-Baden
  • 2012 Solo exhibition in the BSTU Dresden (Gauck authority), Dresden
  • 2012 Solo exhibition in the Hegau-Bodensee gallery, Singen
  • 2011 Solo exhibition in the gallery Babylon, Samara, Russia
  • 2011 Solo exhibition at the Museum Schloss Rochsburg, Lunzenau
  • 2010 Solo exhibition in the city museum of the city Döbeln
  • 2010 Participation in the Biennale Art Moskva in Moscow, Russia
  • 2009 Solo exhibition at the Museum of the Russian Central Bank in St. Petersburg
  • 2008 Solo exhibition in the gallery Art Izba in Moscow, Russia
  • 2007 Participation in the exhibition of Russian artists in Los Angeles, USA
  • 2006 Participation in the charity sale for the orphanage in Moscow
  • 2006 Participation in the International Biennale in Domburg and Antwerp, Holland
  • 2005 Solo exhibition in Gouda, Holland
  • 2004 Solo exhibition in the central Künstlerhaus in Moscow
  • 2003 Exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the railway line St. Petersburg – Moscow. Her pictures were purchased by the Railway Museum and are exhibited there.
  • 2003 Exhibition in Berlin on the occasion of the 300th birthday of St. Petersburg
  • 2002 Solo exhibition in the Russian House in Berlin
  • 2000 Solo exhibition in the Gallery of the Association of Russian Artists in St. Petersburg

Georgy Voylochnikov

“A sincere reading of Scriabin’s music … very subtle, sensual, sublime”
(Prof. Mikhail Voskresensky, Chairman of the 4th International Scriabin Competition in Moscow).

Georgy Voylochnikov was born into a family of musicians in Voronezh in 1985 and received his first piano lessons from his father at the age of three. At the age of eight, he entered the Central Music School in Voronezh, where he became a pupil of Valery Volkov.
From 2002 to 2006 he studied at the Gnessins Musical College in Moscow in the class of the famous Professor Andrey Khitruk. During this period, he won the 3rd prize in the competition All-Russian Competition for Young Pianists in Voronezh and the 2nd Prize (1st Prize was not awarded) at the Moscow Götefest Piano Competition in Moscow. In 2006 he began to study at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory under the guidance of the outstanding pianist and laureate of the Tchaikovsky Competition and Queen Elizabeth Competition Stanislav Igolinsky. With him, Georgy continued his postgraduate studies and won at the same time several prizes in prestigious competitions such as the Takamatsu International Piano Competition in Japan, the competition “Premi Principat d’Andorra” and the International Scriabin Competition in Moscow. Since 2014 Georgy Voylochnikov studies for his concert exam at the University of Music and Dance Cologne in the class of Professor Ilja Scheps.
Among the numerous awards that he won in recent years are the International Music Competition Cologne (1st Prize and Audience Award), the Karl-Robert Kreiten Music Competition in Aachen (1st prize), Istanbul Orchestra Sion International Piano Competition (2nd prize), International Piano Competition Geilenkirchen (3rd prize), Spanish Composers International Piano Competition in Madrid (3rd prize). He is also semi-finalist at the UNISA International Competition in Pretoria, South Africa, at the Telekom Beethoven International Piano Competition in Bonn, at the International Schubert Competition in Dortmund, and was selected for the 2015 Tschaikowsky International Piano Competition. He has appeared as a soloist and with various ensembles both in his homeland Russia and in Ukraine, in Japan and in most European countries. He was invited to attend the Chopin Festival in Gdansk on the occasion of Fryderyk Chopin’s 200th anniversary. The highlight of the last year was his interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto with the Academic Philharmonic Orchestra in Voronezh, Russia.


I am looking forward to your visit!

Gabriele Paqué

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Current exhibition: Natalia Simonenko presents “A Song of Dreams”
The gallery is open on saturdays between 14 and 18 pm.
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