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Exhibitions and representation of local and international artists in Bonn

Renowned artists from all over Europe regularly exhibit their art in the beautiful Art Nouveau premises: A gallery that stands out for its diversity of exhibition content, but also draws its unique charm from the interplay of art and music.

The gallery is also represented on the art market platform ARTSY, where you can purchase works by the artists we represent.

During the exhibition periods there are regular classical concerts, which always give the art the special ambience.

Here you can find out about the current concert and event program.


20 April – 20 July 2024

Makrine Tkebuchava, Priest Andria Natsvlishvili, Mikhael Makharadze and Natia Beqauri present
“Georgian art and painting”

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Titelbild der Ausstellung "Georgische Kunst und Malerei" - Bild von Priester Andria Natsvlishvili

Vernissage on 20 April 2024 at 17:00
The artist and Priest Andria Natsvlishvili will be present.
Concert in advance at 15:30


Phone: 0228 41076755


The gallery is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 2 and 6 pm.
You are also welcome to make an individual appointment with me to visit the gallery.

“In general, then, color is a means of exerting a direct influence on the soul.

The color is the KEY.
The eye is the HAMMER.
The soul is the PIANO with many strings.

The artist is the hand that vibrates the human soul through this or that key.”

“Those who have heard about chromotherapy know that the colored light can cause a very special effect on the whole body.”

“Actually, you can hear colors!
About the spiritual in art.”

Wassily Kandinsky