Dear friends of art and music,

I am very happy that we had so many visitors to Alejandro DeCintis new exhibition “Metamorphosis” and want to thank you all for coming!

The exhbition found its introduction with the beautiful concert of the very talented Rasmus Vamos Fecher, who played classical compositions for the guitar. As he often played a lot of south european music, one could hear and feel themselves be drawn into the paintings… A pure pleasure! Keep your eyes and ears open for this young talent!

Later that day, Rafael Ramirez Máro held the introduction speech to the exhibition, together with the artist Alejandro DeCinti. His speech was extremely informative, as it dealt with the reception and tradition of the European art culture on South American countries like Chile, where the artist comes from. It also explained, why the artistical tradition of Realism is still very present in South America. All in all a very interesting and eye opening experience!

Here are some pictures of the opening:

Gabriele Paqué and Alejandro DeCinti

Rasmus Vamos Fecher

You can watch the introductory lecture to the opening here (in German):


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Dear friends of art and music,

now for the 2nd time the unique artist Alejandro DeCinti from Madrid is a guest in my gallery. Last year he already caused a sensation in the local media with his exhibition “The Ship of Fools”. Today he presents himself with the theme “metamorphosis” from the Greek mythology of the poet Ovid. I can promise you that his new paintings will convince you of his mastery anew. For the large and medium-sized exhibits on display in the gallery Decinti uses the old master technique of “chiaroscuro” – developed in the late Renaissance and Baroque. DeCinti bridges the gap from ancient literature to today by mixing this old painting style with elements of the contemporary art and thus creates his own unique style. In addition to this I can also recommend the associated framework program in upcoming months!

Gallery open from 3 pm

The artist will be present

Before the opening there is a classical concert in advance (Rasmus Vamos Fecher, guitar)! More information about the concert can be found below.

 Introduction by Rafael Ramirez Máro at 5 pm

Following: a tour and discussion with the artist.

Anyone who has not yet found the time to see this impressive realistic paintings of DeCinti, now has the opportunity to look at his works.

In addition, his son, Antonio DeCinti, exhibits the following works:

Alejandro DeCinti

Born in Santiago de Chile 1973. Chilean artists, art studies at the “Universidad de Chile”, living in Spain since 2002. Awarded the scholarship: “Excelencia Academica” Universidad de Chile, 1991. First prize in the competition “Arte en Vivo” 1994. Awarded the scholarship: “Fundacion Arte y Autores Contemporáneos”. Numerous exhibitions in Chile, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Germany. Participation in numerous international art fairs. In 2004 he founded the DeCinti & Villalon Art Studio, where he teaches and works together with the Chilean artist Oscar Villalon.

Important exhibitions

2011: “Celestina” Hochosterwitz, Austria. 2010: “Khevenhüller, Temporis pons per saecula” Hochosterwitz, Austria. EPO European Patent Office, The Hague, Netherlands, 2009: Castle Burgau, Düren, Germany | “Quartet”: Red Point Gallery, Jülich, Germany | “Burst of passion”: Steinweg Gallery, Stolberg, Germany | “1o Feria Arte Contemporáneo Chileno CHACO” Trazos Gallery, Santiago, Chile | “52th exhibition of the EVBK e, V.” -European Association of Visual Artists from Eifel and Ardennes in Prüm, Germany | “Dos Maestros del Arte” Sparkasse Aachen, Stolberg, Germany | Mokum Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands | “Prayer”: Elst, Saint-Apolloniakerk Elst and Sint-Pieterskerk Brakel / Antwerp, Sint-Egidiusgemeenschap / Bruselas, Kerk Goede Bijstand and Sint Niklasskerk, 2008: “The Prayer”, Hasselt, Pastoral Center | “Ingenieros y constructores navales españoles”, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid | “Dance of hands”, Aachen, Germany | “Fair Realisme 08” Passenger Terminal Amsterdam Gallery Mokum, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2007: Gallery Enwor, Herzogenrath, Aachen, Germany | Aachener Kunstroute 2007 Galeria Il Quadro, Sandro Mugavero, Aachen, Germany | “Masters of contemporary realism in Spain”, Panorama Museum, Bad Frankenhausen, Germany | “Un Italy en Espagne” L ‘Atelier D’Emmanuelle, Liege, Belgium | “Pequeña América” ​​L ‘Atelier D’ Emmanuelle, Liege, Belgium, 2006: “DeCinti vive!” Gallery Ana Samaran, Madrid, Spain. 2015 Bonn Gallery, Gabriele Paqué and Berlin Chilean Embassy “The Ship of Fools”.


For connoisseurs and lovers a MUST!

Rasmus Vamos Fecher, guitar

3:30 pm concert start


Fernando Sor (1778 – 1839)
4 etudes
Variations on „Que ne suis-je la fougère“ op.26

Franz Schubert (1797 – 1828)
(Arranged at Johann Kaspar Mertz, 1806-1856)
„Lob der Tränen“
(“Praise of Tears”)

Giolio Regondi (1823 – 1872)
Réverie op.19

Enrique Granados (1867 – 1916)
12 Danza Españolas

Manuel Maria Ponce (1882 – 1948)
Sonata No. 3

Allegro moderato
Cancion – Andante
Allegro non troppo

Rasmus Vamos Fecher is a Swedish guitarist who was born in 1990 in Stockholm. At the age of 9 he started playing classical guitar, at the age of 12 he decided, inspired by his former teacher Mårten Falk, to become a professional guitarist. From 2006 to 2009 he attended the Södra Latin high school, where he completed a special program for aspiring professional musicians. There he received guitar lessons from Bo Hansson. Between 2009 and 2011 he studied with Göran Söllscher at the Academy of Music in Malmö. He is currently a student of Alexander-Sergei Ramirez at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf. There he completed an Erasmus year and now makes his Master of Music. Rasmus Vamos Fecher has already played concerts on stages like the Erimitage in St. Petersburg and the Royal Chapel in Stockholm. In 2007, he won the first place at the Swedish Youth Guitar Championship. He also received several scholarships by the Royal Academy of Music in Sweden. Rasmus Vamos Fecher operates not only as a soloist but also as a chamber musician and accompanist. He currently plays the song cycle ,,Die schöne Müllerin” by Franz Schubert in an arrangement for guitar with baritone Gereon Grundmann. He also already enchanted the audience with his fantastic guitar playing several times at the music studio and gallery: Gabriele Paqué.


Admission free – a donation for the artist is requested!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Gabriele Paqué

Note on parking:
You find several parking spaces in Bonn-Poppelsdorf, about 10 minutes from the Blücherstraße away!

The next concert will be held at 17 o’clock on September 17.
The pianist Nika Afazel presents works of Scandinavian composers:
“The Nordic Wind”

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After telephonic agreement the gallery can also be visited at other times.
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