Update 18.01.2016:

Dear friends of art and music,

On Saturday, January 16, the vernissage of Elsbeth Tatarczyk-Welte took place with the theme “Canticle of the Sun”. We are very happy about the many visitors and the lively interest in the exhibition!

The fantastic concert by Dominic Chamot fully rounded off the exhibition and gave the audience direct access to the various paintings. If you haven’t had a chance to see the exhibition yet, why not combine a visit to the exhibition with one of the concerts in the coming weeks? Further information can be found in the supporting program on the “Welcome” page. In addition to the pictures of this exhibition, you will now also find photos of the vernissage here.

We thank you very much for your interest and look forward to welcoming you again soon!

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Dear friends of art and music,

I would like to invite you to the vernissage of the Bonn artist Elsbeth Tatarczyk-Welte. The Austrian-born artist has lived and worked in Bonn for a long time and will show in this solo exhibition another highlight of her work: Colors in interplay with musicians and their compositions processed in collages. Thus, this exhibition will be particularly appealing when music resounds in its midst. Many artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee have also dealt with this theme in their time.

Paintings of the exhibition

„.. Also stylistically the artist does not commit herself: from the realistic portrait, the stylized figure and the lake impression, the arc spans the cubist alienated rock scenery to the purely abstract play of forms and colors… Elsbeth Tatarczyk-Welte has freed herself from all restrictions imposed by the environment and by herself. She creates out of a seemingly never-ending inner urge.” (Prof. Dr. K.-H. Heinzle)


f.l.t.r.: Gabriele Paqué, Elsbeth Tatarczyk-Welte, Christina zu Mecklenburg

Elsbeth Tatarczyk-Welte

25.02.1941 born in Bregenz/ Austria, since 1973 living in Bonn Fields of work: Painting, Collage

1963 to 1971 private student of Professor Fritz Krcal, Bregenz

Member of the Artist Group Bonn,

GEDOK Bonn e.V. and the international Lake Constance Club

At the beginning of my artistic activity I was strongly influenced by my teacher, Professor Fritz Krcal. My further development is best reflected by a quotation from the laudation of Professor Franz Bertel at the awarding of the 1st prize of the competition “Künstler sehen Hard”, 1981:

 “These images are essential. In them, forms of appearance are reduced to their essence. The random is stripped away, the abundance of details is reduced. As in archetypal images, a characteristic emerges and gives the images their spiritual intensity…” (Prof. Franz Bertel)


Numerous solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.

Among others in Paris, Vienna, Bregenz, Hard, Lustenau, Hohenems, Bonn, Cologne, Freiburg, Munich, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Aachen, Meersburg, Wilhelmshaven, Chemnitz, Glauchau, Amriswil


Frau vor Ort, Lieselotte Freusberg/ Barbara Göbel/ Ursula Toyka-Fuong (ed.), druck + co.op, offset + Verlag GmbH, Karlsruhe, 2002, o.p.
Imaginäre Portraita, Günther Nicolin (ed.),Druck und Gestaltung , Collegium Josephinum, Bonn, 1990, o.p.
Voralberger Künstlerlexikon, Das Kunsthaus Bregenz (ed.), Bregenz, 2005, sub nome.

Works in public ownership:

Land Vorarlberg, Marktgemeinde Hard, Vorarlberger Landesmuseum, Bildungshaus Batschuns, Feriendorf Hübingen, Stadtsparkasse Siegburg, Deutsche Bank, Hypo Bank Vorarlberg

Dominic Chamot

Dominic Chamot was born in Cologne in 1995 and attended the Humboldt-Gymnasium there. At the age of 5 he received his first violin lessons from his father, at seven he learned to play the piano autodidactically, improvising and composing. At the age of 9, D. Chamot received piano lessons from Ruriko Goto-Lutz and at 12 was accepted into the “Pre-College Cologne” of the “Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Köln” in the piano class of Prof. Sheila Arnold. At the age of 16 he became a junior student with the same professor.

Dominic Chamot receives chamber music lessons from Prof. Anthony Spiri, Prof. Paolo Alvarez and Prof. Michael Faust and regularly attends master classes, most recently with Prof. Karl-Heinz Kämmerling and Dmitri Bashkirov. His concert activities have taken him to various German cities as well as to France, Belgium and the Netherlands; in the “Liszt Year” 2011 he caused a sensation with his interpretation of the complete cycle “The Switzerland” from the “Années de pèlerinage”. In May 2012 he represented Germany as a finalist in the “Eurovision Young Musicians” in Vienna. This was followed in summer 2012 by his debut at the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival and the Schwetzingen Mozart Festival. . Since summer 2014 he lives in Basel and studies there with Prof. Claudio Martínez-Mehner.


“57th Steinway Piano Competition”, Berlin 2010.

– 1st prize – audience award
– Prize of the “Deutsche Chopin Gesellschaft e.V.” (German Chopin Society)

“International Piano Competition for Young Musicians 2010”, Enschede (NL)
– 2nd prize – audience award

“3rd International Franz Liszt Competition for Young Pianists 2011”, Weimar (Germany)

– 3rd prize – special prize for the interpretation of a work of the 20th century.Bundeswettbewerb “Jugend Musiziert” in Neubrandenburg/Neustrelitz 2011

In the classification piano solo:
– 1st prize – special prize “Diethard-Wucher-Preis”.

– Special prize “Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben

” In the rating New Music (Ensemble):
– 1st prize – special prize “Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben”.

Eurovision Young Musicians 2012, Vienna

– Finalist Karlrobert-Kreiten-Competition 2013, Cologne

-2nd prize Lions Youth Music Award 2013, Cologne

-2nd prize Steinway-Förderpreis 2013, Düsseldorf

Dominic Chamot is a scholarship holder of the “Jürgen Ponto-Stiftung” and the “Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben”.


3:30 pm

Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach: Sonate g-Moll Wq 65/17
– Allegro
– Adagio
– Allegro assai

 Maurice Ravel: „Valses nobles et sentimentales“
I Modéré – trés franc
II Assez lent – avec une expression intense
III Modéré
IV Assez animé
V Presque lent – dans un sentiment intime
VI Assez vif
VII Moins vif
VIII Epiloque lent

 Ludwig van Beethoven: 15 Variationen mit einer Fuge
“Eroica Variationen” in Es-Dur op.35

 A donation for the artist is requested!

The finissage of the exhibition will take place on March 19, 2016!

Isabel Gabbe, Folkwang Musikhochschule, Essen will give a concert of classical and romantic works….

Visits are also possible outside opening hours by telephone arrangement.