Dear friends of art,

We cordially invite you to visit the interactive virtual exhibition “Studies” by Rafael Ramírez Máro!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, a real exhibition, which was originally planned with Mr. Ramírez Máro and Alejandro DeCinti, unfortunately cannot take place. In these times, however, we probably all think about a saying in particular: to make a virtue out of necessity. And so we came to the decision to let this exhibition – similar to the Beethoven exhibition in April last year – take place digitally in a smaller version.

As you may know, we have been representing Mr. Ramírez Máro as well as his father, with whom he forms the artist duo Antonio Máro, for quite some time. This time, however, we want to focus on his very own art, by taking particular look onto the studies that underlie the artist’s monumental works. Of course, some of the great works will also be on view, and you will find that the studies are an art form in their own right.

What makes the art of Rafael Ramírez Máro?  Dr. Helmut Orpel writes:

[…] Ramírez’s painting lives from deep sensations and their artistic representation. His works reveal his amazement at the limitless possibilities of art to transcend time and space and to penetrate into depths that remain hidden from the superficial gaze. The viewer is moved by the suggestive power of color and form. It is about the possibility of re-perceiving, of absorbing feelings across spaces and times. The painter directs the viewer’s attention to detail, to inconspicuous gestures that are expressed in a drama as well as in a musical composition or in the dance step of a flamenco dancer, which the artist captures with an expert eye. He stages key scenes that seem to reveal the meaning of existence.  […]

But it does not have to remain with a virtual tour through the exhibition:

If you are interested in one or more works, you can also test hang them in your own four walls for a few days, in which case we will of course be happy to advise you. We will be happy to send you the price list for the exhibition upon request. The studies can all be purchased with a matching frame.

This offer is of course non-binding and free of charge!

To visit the exhibition, simply follow the instructions below:

Rafael Ramírez Máro presents


13th February – 10th of April 2021

Introductory video


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360° tour of the exhibition

To open the tour, click on “Inhalt laden”. You can view the tour in full screen mode by clicking on the menu button (three horizontal lines in the middle at the bottom of the window) and then on the “Enlarge image” button (far right).

Note: First click on the gray arrow near the writing “Treten Sie ein” in the door frame. A video will follow where you will find another arrow at the bottom to start the tour.

The musical contribution this time is provided by Yizhuo Meng with works by Beethoven. You can find the video in the main room by the two pianos.

Instructions for the virtual tour can be found below.

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Welcome to this interactive 360 degree virtual tour. With pressed left mouse button you can look around to all sides and change the distance with mouse wheel. With a click on the different icons they open in each case info, pictures or videos. If you click on the arrow, you move on, so to speak: to another position or to another room. So, just like on a real tour, you can decide for yourself where – and how often and for how long – you want to look at something, and you are not – as with a movie – bound to a certain sequence. And now have fun with your personal 360-degree tour.

Works of the exhibition

"Studie: Vogel" von Rafael Ramírez Máro
"Karl der Große" von Rafael Ramírez Máro

Rafael Ramírez Máro

Since the age of 12, Rafael Ramírez Máro has worked as an official collaborator in the studio of his father, the painter Antonio Máro. With him he realized many works for biennials (Venice / Sao Paolo etc.) and for important art fairs as well as public works for city halls (Hilden (2 × 6 meter oil painting) / Meinerzhagen (6 × 18 meter oil painting)), chapels (Salzburg A./Buchet D.).

He studied under Hannelore Köhler at the Academy of Düsseldorf, at the “Escuela Superior de Pintura St. Luc” in Liège, under Prof. Schaffmeister and Prof. Koller in Cologne and at the RWTH Aachen. His subjects were art history, philosophy and German philology in order to deepen his understanding in the great literary picture cycles.

He analyzed the old masters like Rubens, Van Dyck, Velázquez etc. in the great museums of the world. He is a member of the Fundación Arte y Autores Contemporáneos in Madrid.

Numerous exhibitions and portraits in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, the USA and Perú accompany his artistic career as well as participations in many important art fairs and collective exhibitions.

I’m looking forward to your visit!

Gabriele Paqué

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