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Dear friends of art,

It is a great pleasure for us to be able to exhibit the Bonn artist Milena Kunz-Bijno again after a long time. We expect again a colorful insight into her spirituality and philosophical world of thought. But we prefer to let the artist speak for herself:

Carpet of memory – The years colorful dress

I am turning 80 and look back on a rich, colorful and full life with light and shadow. I have traveled to many countries in the East and West and spent a lot of time in India. There I found an answer to the many questions about the meaning of life.

My suitcase is full of memories and colorful clothes. Life for me is a patchwork of impressions that I want to express in my collages. There are countless memories, but now they come together to form a whole. With the greater distance of the many years, it is more and more possible for me to see the unity that is hidden behind the diversity of experiences.

I assign small texts of poets and spiritual masters from all cultures and religions of the world to my pictures, in order to give the viewer an impression of the inspiration that moved me during the creation of my pictures. Although everyday life is sometimes difficult, my legacy is the message that life is a tapestry though sometimes with harsh contrasts that seem difficult to us, but in retrospect it is a tapestry full of grace.

And I look back with great gratitude.


Milena Kunz-Bijno

Beforehand, a wonderful introductory concert by pianist Yili Niu awaits us with works by J. S. Bach, J. Haydn, F. Chopin, C. L. S. Chaminade and M. Ravel. A donation of min. 15,- € per person is requested. For more information about the concert, click here.

Important: Please register if you would like to attend the vernissage. Participation in the vernissage is free of charge. You can find the registration below.

30. April 2022

Musikstudio & Galerie: Gabriele Paqué
Blücherstraße 14
53115 Bonn

Gallery open from 3 pm


3:30 pm: Concert

Juan Carlos Arancibia Navarro (guitar) presents works by I. Albeniz, A. Barrios, J. Turina, F. Sor, F. Tárrega and C. Domeniconi

Admission: A donation of min. 15,- € per person is requested.
For more information and to register for the concert, click here.

5 pm: Opening of the exhibition with the artist


Info on the applicable hygiene rules and access restrictions can be found here.

Interview with the artist (in German)


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Photos of the exhibition opening

Works of the exhibition

Foto der Ausstellung Diesseits Jenseits von Dao Droste

Milena Kunz-Bijno

Porträt von Milena Kunz-Bijno

Image rights: private

Milena Kunz-Bijno’s oeuvre is an interplay of both non-objective art and naturalistic components. Especially in her mixed media works and collages she combines seemingly contradictory techniques and finds her own style.

Deeply connected with her own biography, she implements elements of different cultures and their spiritual views in her paintings and sculptures. Born in Italy, the artist came to Germany, her chosen home, at the age of 21, after marrying a German diplomat. The marriage not only paved the way for her to study art in Bonn and London, but also took her on journeys all around the world.

For her, the frequent changes of location were not always easy but incredibly enriching.  – She had the opportunity to get to know people and cultures, to build bridges. During that time she was able to sharpen her own view of the world and to broaden her horizons while getting to know her own spirituality. Kunz-Bijno travelled in “classical” Europe from Italy, to Germany and England, through France, to faraway South America and India. Especially her stay in India would have a deep influence on her work.Several series of works are dedicated solely to “her” India and how she perceived it.

She skillfully combines apparent opposites and unites them into a whole. Themes such as the contrast between “Eastern” and “Western”, light and dark accompany Milena Kunz-Bijno throughout her work. The theme of “light” draws like a red line through her pictures and the texts often attached to them. Her works want to show ways to the inside, want to be an expression of the eternal longing of man for light and God and spirituality. The question of where from and where to is reflected again and again.

Kunz-Bijno portrays herself as an artist who transcends boundaries – metaphorically by questioning opposites, faith and being, and physically by her permanent relocation and traveling.


  • 1997    Malta Biennale First Price in Category Installation
  • 1999    Malta Biennale Special Award for Installation



  • Gemeinschaft Deutscher und Oesterreichischer Künstlerinnenvereine aller Kunstgattungen (Gedok), Bonn (GER)
  • Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler (BBK), Bonn (GER)
  • Promotrice delle belle arti, Turin (ITA)
  • Society of fine arts and commerce, Valletta (MLT)

Exhibitions (selection)

  • 1965    Redoute, Bonn (GER)
  • 1967    Chemould Art Gallery, Bombay (IND)
  • 1968    Artist’s Center, Bombay (IND)
  • 1972    Galérie St. Feréol, Marseille (FRA)
  • 1974    Redoute, Bonn (GER)
  • 1978    Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Bogota (COL)
  • 1978    Pinturas (Paintings), Galeria Buchholz, Bogota (COL)
  • 1980    Le Tableau, Turin (ITA)
  • 1981    Kurfürstliches Gärtnerhaus, Bonn (GER)
  • 1984    Kreishaus, Siegburg (GER)
  • 1989    Frammenti (Fragments) ,Libreria Levrotto e Bella, Turin (ITA)
  • 1989    Wanderung durch die Zeit (Walking through time), Rathaus, Bad Honnef (GER)
  • 1989    FARBEN (und) ZEICHEN (Colours (and) Signs), Kurfürstliches Gärtnerhaus, Bonn (GER)
  • 1990    Milena Kunz-Bijno – Malerei, Rathaus, Neunkirchen Seelscheid (GER)
  • 1990    Christian Chapel, Museum of Religions, Puttnaparthi (IND)
  • 1991    Und es war Licht (And there was light), Stadthaus, Bonn (GER)
  • 1992    Il Libro (The book), Liberia Levretto e Bella, Turin (ITA)
  • 1993    Milena Kunz-Bijno, Parlamentarische Gesellschaft, Bonn (GER)
  • 1995    BlauTöne (Blue tones), Rathaus, Bad Honnef (GER)
  • 1997    Il Ballo in Maschera (Masks and Music), Manoel Theatre, Valletta (MLT)
  • 1998    Lines of Light, National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta (MLT)
  • 1999    Installation The Path of the Dervish, Museum of Modern Art, Cairo (EGY)
  • 1999    WEGE (PATHS), Galerie L’Angelo, Bad Honnef (GER)
  • 2000    La Clessidra (The Hourglass), Frauenmuseum, Bonn (GER)
  • 2000    Europäisches Patentgericht, Munich (GER)
  • 2001    Angels in the Silent City, Cathedral Museum, Mdina (MLT)
  • 2002    Milena Kunz-Bijno, Kunstverein Bad Godesberg e.V., Bad Godesberg, (GER)
  • 2002    Das Wort (The Word), Galerie L’Angelo, Bad Honnef (GER)
  • 2003    Unterwegs – Bilder einer Lebensreise (On the road – pictures of a livejourney), Auswärtiges Amt – Aus- und Fortbildungsstätte, Bonn (GER)
  • 2003    Zwischen Himmel und Erde,  Akademie der deutschen Telekom, Bonn (GER)
  • 2003    Universitätsclub, Bonn (GER)
  • 2004    Galerie l’Angelo, Bad Honnef (GER)
  • 2005    Galleria La Fontana, Trevignano Romano (ITA)
  • 2006    Les Visages de l’Inde (Faces of India), Centre Culturel – Christiane Peugeot, Paris (FRA)
  • 2007    Les Visages de l’Inde (Faces of India), European Parliament, Luxembourg (LUX)
  • 2008    I passi della vita (The steps of live), Galerie L’Angelo, Bad Honnef (GER)
  • 2009    Alchemie des Glücks (Alchemie of Happiness), Rathaus, Bad Honnef (GER)
  • 2011    Farbklänge  (Colours and Sounds), Musikstudio und Galerie: Gabriele Paqué, Bonn (GER)
  • 2012    Reise nach Indien (Jorurney to India), Kurfürstliches Gärtnerhaus, Bonn (GER)
  • 2012    Rückblicke – Malerei (Retrospective – Paintings), Kunstraum, Bad Honnef (GER)
  • 2013    Lichtwege (Lightpaths), Evangelisches Zentrum für Diakonie und Bildung, Siegburg (GER)
  • 2013    Lichtwege (Lightpaths), Johanniterkrankenhaus, Bonn (GER)
  • 2014    Nel blu dipinto di blu, Sala Communale, Polignano a Mare (ITA)
  • 2014    Una valigia dall’India, Circolo degli Artisti, Turin (ITA)
  • 2015    Tutte le dimensioni della pace – Le strade della pace (All dimensions of peace – the roads of peace), Torre Normanna, Cisternino (ITA)
  • 2015    Spuren aus Papier und Ton (Traces of paper and clay), Bürgerverein Rhöndorf, Bad Honnef (GER)
  • 2015    Flüchtlinge … (Refugees), Rathaus, Bad Honnef (GER)
  • 2016    Herbstfarben  (Autumn Colours), Heimatstube, Bad Honnef- Rhöndorf (GER)
  • 2017    Bilder einer Lebensreise, Haus an der Redoute, Bonn – Bad Godesberg (GER)
  • 2018    Arte in Consolato: Le lettere ritrovate – Über die Zeit hinaus (Art in Consolate: Found letters – beyonf time), Italienisches Generalkonsulat, Cologne (GER)
  • 2019    Lichtwege – Weltreligionen im Dialog mit Ostern (Lightpaths- Worldreligions in dialog with Easter), Ortsverein Rhöndorf, Bad Honnef (GER)
  • 2020    Zu Ehren Beethovens – Eine Sammelausstellung (In Beethoven’s Honours – a group exhibition), Musikstudio und Galerie: Gabriele Paqué, Bonn (GER)

I am looking forward to your visit!

Gabriele Paqué

Note on parking!
Parking in Bonn-Poppelsdorf, about 10 minutes walk from Blücherstraße! 

Current exhibition: Milena Kunz-Bijno – The years colorful dress
On Saturdays the gallery is open from 14:00 – 18:00.
By telephone arrangement, the exhibition can also be visited at other times.
Blücherstr. 14, 53115 Bonn, Germany
Phone: 0228-41076755