Giovanni Pelliccioli

As a representative of Surrealism, Giovanni Pelliccioli (1947-2016) successfully exhibited his works throughout Europe and the USA. Raised in simple circumstances, but a loving home, he developed his passion for art in his early childhood. During the first years, and while attending the Accademia Carrara in Bergamo, Italy, his style changed as he experimented with different theories, techniques and ideas. He turned to oil painting at the age of 17 and after a brief impressionistic period discovered Surrealism: he had found his calling.

Pelliccioli’s work continued to evolve and is often categorized into three main periods. The 1° surrealistic period was characterized by paintings whose subjects were mostly inspired by surrealistic painters such as Magritte, Salvador Dalì, Max Ernst, Yves Tanguy… The paintings of the 2° surrealistic period introduce the first signs of Giovanni Pelliccioli’s own Surrealism, when he gave birth to new spiritual conceptions and new symbolic object leitmotivs. With his 3° surrealistic period, the artist introduced a few innovative ways of expression. In fact, it’s the most creative period of his career, irony being the main theme. This is also the time when the artist started to use new materials, such as wood, metal, glass and other natural objects (leaf skeletons, stones) which gave to his works a new sculptural dimension. The « trompe-l’œil » effect also becomes a recurring game. When he moved to Antibes (French Riviera) in 1993, Pelliccioli created the “triangle”: a diagonally cut painting with three-dimensional character. A prolific painter, Pelliccioli completed over 2000 oil paintings.

For this exhibition, a selection of over 40 paintings has been assembled, offering a broad overview of his artistic work. We are looking forward to welcoming you and inviting you to a journey into a world between dream and reality.

Giovanni Pelliccioli bei einer Ausstellungseröffnung


Giovanni Pelliccioli was born in San Pellegrino Terme (Italy). He starts drawing at 10, and soon after, starts painting – still life and landscapes. At 18, he attends the Art School of the Academy Carrara in Bergamo. At 21 he discovers surrealism, a style he’ll never give up, and begins his professional career.

During his life, he presented about 120 personal exhibitions in Europe. He is a registered artist in the major museums in the world.

“It is impossible, perhaps even blasphemous to comment an artwork. Only the eyes and a certain mental attitude can allow us to be placed in front of a canvas. The word is not only arbitrary, but insulting and ridiculous, and it always risks to overlap what the canvas can express. As always, my engagement is to create poetry with a touch of irony, to cause a positive emotion and cheer the spirits. The fantastic, the dream, the sense of not logical, are simply a free interpretation of our being.”

Works of the exhibition “Beyond the Realm of Thought” (23.04. – 15.07.2023)

Introductory speech by Johannes Paqué about the exhibition “Beyond the Realm of Thought” (in German)


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Reception of the exhibition “Behind the spirals of thought” in the press

Presseartikel des "General Anzeiger" zur Ausstellung von Giovanni Pelliccioli

Important exhibitions

  • Nicole Sandor Gallery (Fontgombault Loire), France – 1990
  • Hotel Excelsior S. Marco (Bergamo), Italy – 1990
  • Parish Recreational Center (Mozzo), Italy – 1993
  • N.P. (Antibes), France – 1993
  • Hotel Martinez (Cannes), France – 1994
  • Les Beaux Artes Gallery (Düsseldorf), Germany – 1994
  • De Carmes Gallery (Rouen), France – 1995
  • N.P. (Paris), France – 1995
  • Hotel Holiday Inn(Frankfurt), Germany – 1996
  • Interior-Galleriet (Oslo), Norway – 1996
  • Musée Naval Napoleonien (Antibes), France – 1996
  • Exposition Salo BMW (Usingen), Germany – 1996
  • Les Bain Douches (Antibes), France – 1999
  • Chateau du Pont de la Meurthe (Nancy), France – 1999
  • Chateau de Trousse Barriere (Orleans), France – 1999
  • Centro Parrochiale Mozzo (Bergamo), Italy – 1999
  • La conca verde (Ivrea), France – 2000
  • EUR 2000 (Rome), Italy – 2000
  • Centre International d’Art Modern (Nice), France – 2000
  • Valpelline le lievre amoureux (Aosta), Italy – 2000
  • Chateau de Saint Max (Nantes), France -2001
  • Interior Galleriet (Oslo), Norway – 2001
  • Amadeus (Sophia Antipolis), France -2001
  • Sala Civica di Via Piatti (Ponte San Pietro), Italy – 2001
  • Palazzo Boselli (San Giovanni Bianco), Italy – 2001
  • Sala Civica Carlo Cattaneo (Curno), Italy – 2001
  • Capella de Lourdes (Mozzo), Italy -2002
  • Hotel Cappello d’Oro(Bergamo), Italy – 2003
  • Chateau de Saint Max (Nancy), France – 2004
  • Selvino, Italy – 2004
  • Galleria Ponte Vecchio (Florence), Italy – 2005
  • Interior Galleriet (Oslo), Norway – 2006
  • Serina, Italy – 2006
  • Chateau de Saint Max (Nancy), France – 2007
  • Proloco (Piazza Brembana), Italy – 2008
  • Mairie du 7e Arrondissement (Paris), France – 2009
  • Casino (San Pellegrino Terme), Italy – 2009
  • Museo della Valle (Zogno), Italy – 2009
  • Monastero del Lavello (Calolziocorte), Italy – 2010
  • Aeroporte Côte d’Azur (Nice), France – 2011
  • Salon Tous a l’Art (Nice), France – 2011
  • Artexpo (New York), USA – 2012
  • Musikstudio und Galerie: Gabriele Paqué (Bonn), Germany – 2023